Hello, sweetie! Are you still looking for plus sized models? I'd love to model your clothes. <3

not yet, we are not ready but thanks for asking ^^ I am sure you must be so cute!

Posted 1 week ago
any plans for more affordable option of plus size maid cosplay? thank you for making such a nice shop for bigger cuties! ♡

We will try to but mostly custom made or plus size cosplay are higher price..hope you understand but we will try

Posted 2 weeks ago
Hi there! I'd like to order your bow lolita apron, but I'm not sure what kind of shoulder measurement you need (Like nape of neck to shoulder or shoulder to shoulder). Do you have a diagram to help me measure? Thank you! (And thank you for having a plus-sized store, I'm so happy I don't have to struggle to find clothes that fit!)

hi, we do it withc shoulder to shoulder <3 and thank you for shopping with us!

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Will there be more Sailor Moon sweaters in stock in the future? Both the Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon ones?

if you mean the apinko sailor moon we might not produce again, but that big bow sailor moon sweater yes, and we will update the bow too <3

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Are you still accepting applications?

Not yet sorry

Posted 1 month ago
How long will the custom bow lolita apron be available for pre-order?

10-15 days made to order once get full measurements.

Posted 1 month ago
I adore your models legs they're just so chunky and cute sorry if that's weird haha

lol I have chunky legs XD We asian people often shorter…

Posted 1 month ago
I was curious, are you planning to pick up people to sponsor like you do with your main store?

we have a few promotors recently, we do not take new ones right now, sorry but thanks for asking ^^

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Hello Everybody,


Exciting Moment Comes! ε



Please DM us with your email address and then contact within 48 hours, otherwise we have to re-choose the winner.


Thank you so much for joining this giveaway and support of us <3

We will have more giveaways in the future, so please do keep following our updates.


Always love

Plus Cutie


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Would it be at all possible to see your "Lolita Bow Bow Bow Maid Apron Dress" on your plus-sized model? I LOVE it, but it's quite a bit of money so I'd like to see it on your model before ordering if that's alright! Thank you! <3

hi sweetie, sorry that the dress is pre-ordered custom-made item, and we dont have it on stock now, but don’t worry, the quality is guaranteed: ) and please leave note about your size details when ordering it.  

Gender: Male or Female 
Height in cm unit: 
Weight in KG unit: 
Shoulder length in inch: 
Bust in inch: 
Waist in inch: 
Hip in inch:

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